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Eldrift receives 8.3 million NOK to develop fast chargers for construction machinery

Enova supports project led by Eldrift.

The project involves developing and testing mobile charging and battery solutions for electrical construction machines. Where other concepts involve offering one large battery and charging solution centrally located on the construction site, Eldrift has come up with a concept where several smaller and compact fast chargers are placed around the construction site close to the various construction machines. The chargers can be moved around by the machine even when needed. 

The battery in the charger will be scalable and replaceable. Eldrift has already developed an early prototype of the charging solution, and initial tests have been performed with good results.

Together with Eldrift, Integrate Renewables will be a partner in the commercialization phase. Becker Entreprenør and Sartor Maskin, which own several electric excavators, will test the battery solution in specific construction projects, and the grid company Lyse will contribute experience from the sale and ordering of traditional building electricity.

Eldrift AS will develop infrastructure for electrification of the construction industry. Eldrift has previously developed a prototype of the solution that will now be piloted, and will own and commercialize the solution after the end of the project.

Integrate Renewables AS develops and delivers solutions for integrated renewable energy. The company offers complete solutions in solar energy, wind power, energy storage and control systems. They have had a development collaboration for battery and system solution with Eldrift since its inception, and will be a partner in the further commercialization phase.

Becker Entreprenør AS performs foundation and construction work, infrastructure for water and sewage and minor concrete work.

Sartor Maskin AS is a machine contractor located in Øygarden outside Bergen.

Becker and Sartor Maskin participate as end users and pilot customers in the project. Both contractors have several electrical construction machines on order and will through this project gain experience with the charging infrastructure to be piloted. Lyse participates in the project as part of its business development towards new energy areas.