Eldrift AS is making battery-electric vehicles, vessels, machines, tools and equipment more user-friendly and profitable than fossil-fueled alternatives.

ELCHARGE™ MCU-series to visit EVS35 in Oslo and Lydløsfestivalen in Arendal

Discover ELCHARGE™ MCU-series - our new modular rapid charger. We are at EVS35 in Lillestrøm June 11-15 (E02). The charger can also be seen at Lydløsfestivalen in Arendal June 17-18. Stop by and talk to us about what simple super fast charging SHOULD be. See you there! :)

Oslo Municipality provides support for mobile charging solutions

We welcome the subsidy scheme from Oslo and encourage other municipalities to do the same.

Oslo Municipality sees that the supply of electricity is a challenge for many construction sites. That's why they are introducing a support scheme for battery banks and mobile charging solutions! Get in touch to hear what Eldrift can offer! (Article to follow in Norwegian only.)

Eldrift receives 8.3 million NOK to develop fast chargers for construction machinery

Enova supports project led by Eldrift.

The project involves developing and testing mobile charging and battery solutions for electrical construction machines. Where other concepts involve offering one large battery and charging solution centrally located on the construction site, Eldrift has come up with a concept where several smaller and compact fast chargers are placed around the construction site close to the various construction machines. The chargers can be moved around by the machine even when needed. 


  • Fastest form of charging for construction machinery available today

  • Cable-free between charges

  • Unique, interchangeable modular solution

  • Demands less regarding transport and logistics

  • Cost effective

  • Compact, requires less space

  • Safe and straight-forward charging


Electric operation's modular lightning charging system must be easily handled by the user. Handling should be as easy as using a diesel tank today when machines need refilling.

Our modular charging system consists of a mobile rapid charger with battery and up to several battery modules that can be easily moved. These will also be possible to charge on regular fast chargers, of course.

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